The Best Skrill Casinos

1 month ago

Skrill is an electronic wallet that allows you to send or receive money without having to have an Iban code. Signing up is easy and totally free , just a few personal data are needed to start sending and receiving money on your account. As soon as the registration is confirmed, it will be possible to immediately start using Skrill for its operations, how to manage withdrawals and deposits from the online casino gaming account.
bet with Skrill
Even if the user base is not as wide as that of PayPal, Skrill Casinos are increasingly and offer users who choose this e-wallet very advantageous terms of use. But let’s see better how Skrill works and which Casinos accept it.

Online Casino and Skrill: withdraw

Most casinos that support Skrill for deposits, allow you to choose this method also to withdraw.

The withdrawal will be easy and safe , often without additional fees or in any case with very low commissions. The timing for crediting varies from casino to casino, in some cases it will be possible to have to wait a couple of days for the transaction to be completed.

Before deciding to make a withdrawal with Skrill from your gaming account, please read our reviews carefully to find out all the conditions to withdraw from the respective Casino.

Skrill Casino – Security

All transactions that are made through Skrill are always absolutely secure. The data used is email and password, without ever having to share credit card or current account information. All information is encrypted with the highest PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Level 1) standards. Skrill offers all customers the opportunity to take advantage of two-factor authentication, an additional security to protect the data and the account. Skrill casinos protect you from fraud, identity theft and the dissemination of sensitive data, but you must make sure that you make the transaction within a site with secure browsing.

Skrill and online casino – a bit of history

The name Skrill has been official since 2013, but the history of this electronic wallet starts much earlier. On 27 June 2001, Moneybookers Limited was founded in the United Kingdom and experienced exponential growth of its users until 2007, when it was acquired by Investcorp Technology Partners. The growth of the brand is getting faster and in 2011 the rebranding begins with the name Skrill, which is completed in 2013. Skrill is now a payment accepted by many online sites and many casinos, which choose it for its reliability and for its worldwide distribution.

The Skrill Casinos are more and more and surely they will continue to increase , thanks to the security that Skrill offers and to the possibility of operating in almost all the current currencies.

Casinos and Skrill: alternatives and other options

Online casinos always offer many options for depositing and withdrawing funds, some very advantageous in terms of costs and time, others slower and more expensive. Skrill is a fast method with little or no commission. The most famous alternative to Skrill, as well as its direct competitor, is the giant PayPal , but let’s not forget other electronic wallets like Neteller . If you do not want to use an e-wallet, we recommend using a credit card, the most accepted are Visa and Mastercard , or a prepaid card. The other payment methods, such as bank transfers, are more expensive and take longer.

Alternative Skrill and online casino: pros and cons

While it is true that the casinos offer a wide choice of services to move their funds to gaming accounts, it is also true that not all options are the same.

  • Other electronic wallets (PayPal, Neteller): the credit is usually immediate and the commissions are almost always absent, but sometimes the Casinos ask for a verified account to use them
  • Credit card: a choice that ensures fast times and low commissions, but it is necessary to remember to respect the limits of one’s card or to recharge it, if it is a prepaid
  • Wire transfer: certainly the choice with the highest costs and the longest time, even up to 5 days, also in addition to the cost of the transfer applied by the bank, many Casinos also ask for commissions

Our opinion on Skrill and online casino

Do we recommend using Skrill in online casinos? Absolutely yes . It is a safe, simple and fast method. Opening an account has no cost, unlike a bank account, and if you want Skrill has the possibility of having a prepaid credit card connected directly to the e-wallet, an additional convenience for all those users who do not want to use their account in the bank for their online payments. Skrill also has a VIP program that allows to obtain very interesting advantages such as lower commissions and personalized assistance 24/24. But pay attention to the first deposit in online casinos, because sometimes Skrill is an unsuitable way to take advantage of the first welcome bonus.

Mobile casino & apps

3 months ago

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets has determined the great success of the mobile casino . More than half of users today play roulette and slot machines even while traveling or during lunch breaks, thanks to these technological devices that are practically small computers. At any time of day or night you can connect to your favorite casino app and try to win the rich jackpots up for grabs . Of course it is important to have a guide, to know which are the best casino apps, to choose the best performers without fail and avoid wasting time with the more modest ones. We must not neglect a series of important elements such as the services offered, the graphic quality and in general the usability of the app. You can find all the legal mobile casinos on this page, tested and carefully evaluated by our staff to help you make the best decision.
mobile apps for betting online

Mobile casinos types: native app and web app

There are two types of mobile casino games you can find: native apps and web apps. The former require installation on your device while the latter can be used directly from the mobile browser. Both have pros and cons. We deepen all the aspects in this regard to better guide you in making the right choice.

Native mobile casino apps: speed but not for everyone

Downloading native apps on your device and playing at the mobile casino is an operation that takes only a few minutes. There are several Italian online casinos that provide customers with applications for mobile gaming. They come with an interface similar to the desktop and with multiple titles, showing off for a neat graphics and ease of use. You can find them on iTunes , in the Apple App Store, if you have an iPhone or iPad, by downloading them in total security. Conversely, for the anti-gambling policy adopted by the Google Play Store, to install the Android appyou must first change the settings on your phone and then download an .apk file from the casino site. Not only advantages but also a flaw for native apps: be available almost exclusively for iOS and Android systems. Windows Phone and BlackBerry users are unlikely to find a downloadable casino application for their device.
In general, however, they are more reliable and faster than mobile browser versions. Just a few touches on your smartphone to start playing.

Web app: immediacy of use

The web apps do not require any download and are executed directly in the mobile browser. They are more immediate in use, as it is sufficient to connect to the casino site from your smartphone, enter the login data and start playing instantly. The great advantage of web apps is that they are compatible with all operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry. Open your device, enter the casino URL in the address bar of the mobile browser and play.
However, web apps require more steps to open the application, sometimes characterized by a lower quality graphical interface and possible slowdowns during games compared to native apps. Some have a more limited schedule.
Naturally what has been highlighted so far is generally valid, since we have also found native apps that have disappointed us and, on the contrary, web apps that have thrilled us. By consulting our list of best casino apps, everything will be clearer to you.

Best mobile casino games providers

The most popular casino game providers also specialize in mobile and each one stands out for its distinctive characters, very often the same ones that have allowed it to win over regular desktop players. Every evaluation in this regard naturally remains subjective since it is possible to prefer, for example, a certain type of graphic interface with respect to a greater “action” of the bonus games. Leaving aside personal tastes, we try to provide as objective a ranking as possible of the best producers of mobile casino games . At the top of the list we first enter the Swedish software house of Net Entertainment. Simply open any title of this provider from your smartphone, to immediately notice the perfect playability and a user-friendly interface that allows you to always have all the controls under control. To signal the presence of the live mobile casino , thanks to which to point to the tables with real croupiers also from your mobile. Of course we cannot forget another global gambling giant: Playtech. Historical brand of the sector with many years of experience, has to its credit the creation of the most famous series of slots with rich progressive jackpots up for grabs, starting with the most recent “Age of the Gods” up to the unforgettable Marvel superheroes. Of course, Playtech is also synonymous with live and table games, like its legendary roulette that has won over players for their graphic reproduction accuracy, an identical quality that you can also find at Mobile. Finally we indicate Microgaming, historical name in online gambling which gives you the chance to enjoy some of his greatest successes even from your smartphone. Have you ever tried Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck or Burning Desire? Most games are available either directly from the mobile browser or via the native app to download to your device.

The best PayPal Casinos

4 months ago

When you think of a method to transfer your money or to make an online payment, PayPal is certainly the first name that springs to mind, thanks to the fame it has built over 20 years by offering free, fast and secure transactions. So not including this method of payment in online casinos, used by millions of people around the world, would mean excluding a good slice of the market, which is why even the smallest gaming operators are now Casino with PayPal.
PayPal online payments
In our TOP 10 Casino that accept PayPal , visible in the table below, you can have access to our review of the individual casinos by clicking on the logo of each operator. Just continue reading instead to get details on how the service works, how to deposit and withdraw at Casino PayPal and other important information.

Which online casinos accept PayPal?

Among the online casinos that accept PayPal we find LeoVegas, a brand new operator whose offer stands out for the hundreds of slots and the Live Casino; 888casino, world leader in the sector with no deposit welcome bonuses; Eurobet and many of the most renowned Casinos in the world that have chosen PayPal. The aforementioned PayPal Casinos offer the best Casino Online experience currently available legally for the Italian market , with a good variety of games and promotions, surrounded by an Italian customer service always available.

Depositing in casinos with PayPal is easy and immediate, the withdrawal is among the fastest methods to use and there are usually no fees charged. Each dealer differs in the conditions of use of PayPal, both in the minimum and maximum deposit values, and in the times for processing withdrawals, so we advise you to inquire about this in our reviews.

Below are the steps on how to make a deposit into your gaming account.

  • Select DepositAfter logging into the PayPal Casino, look for Deposits, Top-ups or in this case the Euro symbol. Clicking on it will open a pop-up or the page will update to top up.
  • Choose PayPalPayPal should be immediately in the list of available methods, if not, just click on “Alternative methods” or “Other methods”. Select PayPal.
  • Enter the amountAt this point it is necessary to decide how much to deposit. In most Paypal Casinos the minimum deposit is € 10. There is rarely a maximum limit, but always remember the limit imposed on your gaming account.
  • Log inThe next step is to log in to PayPal, just enter the required data (email address and password). To further speed up this operation, you can select “Stay connected”.
  • ConfirmWe are almost at the end, just confirm to receive the credit immediately on the account.

Casino with PayPal: How to withdraw

The procedure for withdrawing is as simple as depositing. The withdrawal option is always (or almost) available in the PayPal Casinos that offer it as a deposit method, what may vary are the times the Casino takes to complete the request. Although most gaming sites offer a withdrawal with credit within 24h, in some cases it can take up to three working days. There are no deposit fees in casinos via PayPal , but some minor dealers may request a withdrawal amount. These are always rather small commissions of € 1 or 2, but better be sure you know what conditions apply in your favorite Online Casino.

Alternative PayPal and Online Casino: pros and cons

We review some advantages and disadvantages of the other methods most accepted by gaming dealers. Remember that some Online Casinos allow you to take advantage of the welcome bonus only by making the first deposit through specific methods, then check on this before depositing .

  • Other electronic wallets (Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard): Paypal Casinos always offer at least one of these alternatives. Deposits always have an immediate credit and commissions are usually zero or very low. Not always do all methods allow you to withdraw, so always choose carefully.
  • Credit / prepaid card: all casinos accept Visa or Mastercard credit cards, either associated with a bank account or prepaid. Also in this case the times are short and the commissions are not usually applied, but it is always necessary to check the terms and conditions of the gaming site of interest.
  • Bank transfer: surely the slowest method, to recharge it takes from 3 to 5 days, and the most expensive. Casinos do not charge commissions for bank transfers, but there is a bank commission for both the deposit and the withdrawal.

Our opinion on casinos with PayPal

Do we recommend PayPal? Absolutely. His fame is well deserved and relying on this service means making transactions safely, with great attention to users. PayPal protects you from data theft, scams and phishing and offers repayment of transactions when these appear irregular or unsatisfactory for users.
Opening and managing an account is totally free and allows you to quickly withdraw and deposit in PayPal Casinos, using only email and password. PayPal security is added to that of AAMS licensed sites, offering total data protection.