Mystery of Crowning

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Mystery of Crowning


This recording of the Byzantine Marriage Ritual, The Mystery of Crowning, shares a taste of Byzantine worship. The Parma Youth Choir recorded this CD in 2010 as part of the Eparchy of Parma’s Marriage and Family initiative. In addition to the prostopinije melodies (people’s chant) you also will hear a selection of choral arrangements. As you listen and become familiar with the melodies, we invite you to sing along – make our prayer your prayer.

Track List

1. Psalm 127
2. Litany of Peace
3. Crowning Prayer
4. Prokeimenon
5. Alleluia

Bryan Scotton (Director)
Mary Fetsko (Soprano)
Colleen Chambers (Soprano)
Antoinette Kula (Soprano)
Sarah Fetsko (Alto)

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