Pascha 2013


Pascha 2013


This live recording of Matins and The Divine Liturgy of Our Holy Father John Chrysostom from Pascha 2013, shares a living experience of our worship. In addition to the prostopinije melodies (people’s chant) you also will hear a selection of choral arrangements. Notice how the faithful add their voices to the Schola, making this prayer their own. As you listen and become familiar with the melodies, we invite you to sing along as well Рmake our prayer your prayer.

Track List

1. Litany of Peace
2. Ode 3
3. Hypakjoe
4. Ode 5
5. Ode 6

Celebrant: Fr. Richard J. Plishka
Gerard Basalla (bass)
Karly Bowman, Ann Malone (altos)
Theresa Plishka, Nadine Kasick (sopranos)
Bryan Scotton (tenor, director)

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