Praise The Lord


Praise the Lord


This live recording of the June 2013 Artwalk Concert, Praise the Lord!, shares a taste of Byzantine worship. The concert takes the listener chronologically through the major services of the Byzantine liturgical day РVespers (evening prayer); Matins (morning prayer); Divine Liturgy (Mass). In addition to the prostopinije melodies (people’s chant) you also will hear a selection of choral arrangements. As you listen and become familiar with the melodies, we invite you to sing along Рmake our prayer your prayer.

Track List

1. Praise the Lord
2. Hymn of the Evening
3. The Prayer of the Holy Prophet Simeon
4. Polyeleos
5. The Hymn of the Resurrection

Karly Bowman (alto)
Jeffrey Klefstad (bass)
Theresa Plishka (soprano)
Bryan Scotton (tenor, director)

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